Rock Around the Year is a project to introduce the history of rock music to my children. I’ll do my best to focus on pioneers and influential acts, but I do so with my own sensibilities and biases. All of which means that they’ll be a focus on the songs and artists I like the most, rather than acts I’m not so fond of. There are a number of connections between artists across the decades and we’ll cover those as well.

How Song-a-Day Rock History will work

Starting with birth of Rock ‘n Roll in 1955, we will progress through the years all the way to the present day by the end of 2011. As such, each year will get six days on the 2011 calendar, and we’ll have seven days of additional songs from each decade before starting the next decade. ¬†Though we start the blog in 1955, we will cover a few earlier songs during “miscellaneous 50s” section.

The blog is not a comprehensive document of rock history but we’ll include key facts and as much performance video as possible.

Suggestions and feedback are welcome.

Kevin Crossman