One of the biggest hits from Madonna‘s stellar career was nearly issued as an obscure B-side. But when the singer took the song to the record company they understood they had a potentially massive hit so they kept the song as the lead single for the upcoming album related to the Dick Tracy movie that Madonna starring in. Some lyrics were changed for family-friendly audiences, and the song’s spoken word section paying homage to famous actresses of the past fit with the period theme of the film.

Vogue” was a massive hit upon release, cementing the “house” sound common in dance clubs. The spoken word section was hip-hop-esque and the dance moves in the song’s music video (directed by David Fincher) made the song trendy as well. The song quickly went to number one for several weeks, and was ultimately the number one single of 1990 in the United States. The album I’m Breathless has since gone double platinum.

Vogue music video