Warrant were a popular group who rode the pop metal wave of the late 1990s to score several top charting albums. They also became the poster children for the changing tastes of rock music in 1992.

The group’s debut album Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich was issued in 1989 and featured the #2 single “Heaven”, a power ballad classic. The band’s charismatic lead singer Jani Lane was straight out of central casting – pretty, blonde, and a hearthrob for girls. The band did have musical chops though, driving the album to double platinum status.

The group’s second album Cherry Pie was an even bigger hit in 1990. It was led by the single “Cherry Pie” that was a strong rocker yet still made the top 10 on the pop charts. The song bore similarities to “Pour Some Sugar On Me”, both musically and lyrically (Lane wasn’t singing about a fruit-filled desert). The popular music video is now a classic of the “hair metal” genre. Cherry Pie also featured the popular singles “I Saw Red” and “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”.

Lane once told the story about his experience with his record company. When the group came to the headquarters before Cherry Pie was released, they were greeted by a giant sign in the lobby “Welcome Warrant”. But just two short years later, when they made the return trip they were greeted by a sign that said “Welcome Alice in Chains”. The grunge trend was already happening and Warrant among others were the victims. Dog Eat Dog didn’t sell at double platinum levels but barely made Gold, with no chart singles.

Warrant has continued with changing lineups. Lane left the group and later became the lead singer of Great White. Sadly, Lane died recently of an overdose of alcohol and pills.