Paul Hardcastle was an electronic musician who had a few minor hits in the U.K. before he achieve notariety as a one-hit-wonder with this electronic-sample heavy song about the Vietnam War, “19″.  The song used samples from news reports, G.I. interviews, and narration by Peter Thomas. Interestingly, the claim that the average combat soldier was only 19 has since proven incorrect.  For a generation of kids coming of age (including this author was 19 when the song was on the charts), but who had never really lived during the Vietnam War, the song was very much an eye-opener. The song also foreshadowed the interest in the war in the years to follow thanks to movies such as Platoon.

19” was a worldwide hit, including top 20 in the U.S. and #1 on the dance charts. The song also topped the U.K. charts for five weeks. Hardcastle’s further work was summarily ignored, though he did issue several jazz albums, as well as some soundtrack work.