The German hard rock band Scorpions were formed in 1964 when Rudolf Schenker started the band while only 16 years old. By 1970, Klaus Meine was added on lead vocals and brother Michael Schenker was set as lead guitarist. A series of albums followed, none of which earned more than a cult following. In 1978, Matthias Jabs was added a new lead guitarist and the band issued Lovedrive, the first of a series of mainstream and commercially recognized albums.

In 1984, the band issued Love at First Sting, which became their biggest seller. The album’s mix of hard rock / metal songs along with melodic moments was a big hit with fans of the now-burgeoning heavy metal scene in America. Key tracks included the ballad “Still Loving You” (said to be inspired by the Cold War split in Germany) and the rockers “Big City Nights” and “I’m Leaving You”.

The crossover song for the album was the single “Rock You Like a Hurricane“, a thinly veiled “love song”. The song’s slow build-up was a popular device for mainstream metal songs destined for pop-crossover appeal, though the song was certainly hard enough to appeal strongly to rock fans as well. The group’s distinctive sound, German-accents, and manic stage performances made the Scorpions big hard rock stars for more than decade. “Hurricane” was a top 30 hit, the most popular for the group until their 1991 ballad “Winds of Change” about the fall of the Soviet Union.

Though the Scorpions suffered the same commercial decline that affected most Heavy Metal acts in the mid-1990s, the group continues to record and tour.