Peter Schilling was a German new wave synthpop singer who’s songs were mostly sung in German but who lucked into a worldwide hit when he re-recorded his song “Major Tom (Coming Home)” in English. Obviously referencing the Major Tom character from David Bowie’s “Space Oddity”, the song tells the story about someone caught in space via an accident. ┬áHe tells mission control to “Give my wife my love” before falling back to Earth (presumably to his death). The song was a top 15 hit in the United States and reached number one in some other markets.

Schilling’s 1982-1983 albums feature a number of very good new wave songs, with excellent mix of guitars and keyboards. In 1988, Schilling returned for one last hurrah with his comeback hit “A Different Story (The World of Lust and Crime)” which charted in the United States. He continues to perform occasionally.