The Go-Go’s are an all-female group formed in Los Angeles and were one of the leading American groups of the New Wave music scene of the early 1980s. The group was founded by Belinda Carlisle (vocals) and Jane Weidlin (guitars, vocals), and were later joined by Kathy Valentine (bass), Gina Shock (drums), and Charlotte Caffey (guitars). The group’s party image and upbeat songs made them early superstars of the era.

We Got the Beat” was the group’s first single, recorded in 1980. Issued originally in Europe, the song and the group began to get a cult following on both shores. The group was signed to I.R.S. Records and the song was re-recorded in 1981 for release on the group’s album, Beauty and the Beat. The album’s first single was “Our Lips are Sealed” which became a top 20 hit in the U.S. The album took off in the spring of 1982 when “We Got the Beat” was re-released and became a top 5 hit, pushing the album to number one for six weeks. The song was also used for the opening credits of the classic 1980s film, Fast Times at Ridgemont High.  Beauty and the Beat has sold over two million copies and is a seminal album of the decade.

The Go-Go’s follow-up 1982 album Vacation featured the title track as a top 10 hit, and the album went Gold. Band tensions and drug use made the group’s third album Talk Show not as successful, and the group ultimately broke up. Carlisle had several solo hits after following a more pop-oriented sound, though The Go-Go’s have reunited several times since the mid-1990s. A fourth album was issued in 2001 and the group is touring in 2011.

The Go-Go’s were the first all female group to have a number one album while writing and performing their own songs.