The Rolling Stones issued Tattoo You in 1981, the group’s eighth consecutive number one album in the U.S. (also the group’s last #1). Comprised largely of songs recorded over the past decade, the album and subsequent tour was one the biggest of the decade.

Tattoo You was powered by a classic Stones rock song, “Start Me Up“. Based on an earlier reggae-inspired song “Start It Up”, the song’s lyrics and structure were changed to focus on a mainstream rock sound and lyrics that have nothing to do with motorcycles. Keith Richards’ opening riff is right up there with “Satisfaction” as the Stones’ best, and Mick Jagger’s vocal work is in fine form as well. ┬áThe song peaked at #2 on the Hot 100 and was a worldwide hit.

The Stones have continued to record with regular frequency since 1981, and their albums and tours continue to sell in large quantities.