Heart were formed by sisters Ann Wilson (vocals) and Nancy Wilson (guitars, vocals), along with Roger Fisher (guitars) who happened to be in a relationship with Ann Wilson. The band’s origins were in the Pacific Northwest region, including Seattle and Vancouver, B.C. The band were inspired by Led Zeppelin’s mix of hard rock licks alongside folk-inspired lyrics and acoustic elements. Their initial album featured strong hits such as “Crazy on You” and “Magic Man”.

Barracuda” was the lead single from the group’s second album, and featured a Zeppelin-inspired romping guitar intro riff. The song was directed at members of the record company who issued promotional materials that hinted that the sisters were actually lovers. This sort of marketing sexism would haunt the group throughout their careers, especially in the 1980s as Ann Wilson gained considerable weight.  ”Barracuda” was a #11 hit and a became a hard rock staple thanks to powerful vocals and a great guitar solo. The group threatened legal action in 2008 when the song was used by the Republican Party as a theme song of sort for Sarah Palin.

Heart continued with the hits through 1980, though Fisher left the group after his relationship with Wilson ended. The band’s popularity waned for a couple albums but found resurgence on a new label and a new songwriting formula that included work with professional songwriters. 1985′s Heart featured four top ten hits and went 5x Platinum, the first of three multi-platinum albums in a row. The mix of ballads and rocking numbers came at a time when “Hair Metal” was popular, and Heart fit in just well enough to ride the wave. Nancy Wilson sang lead on several singles and was increasingly featured in videos, which required at the time that there be at least one “hot babe” in any hard rock video.

Heart became the big sisters of the Seattle Grunge scene in the early 1990s, and continued to record and tour. Nancy Wilson left the band for a time to concentrate on her family and movie scoring career with then-husband Cameron Crowe.  The group’s 2010 album Red Velvet Car debuted at #10 on the album charts.