KISS Love Gun

After KISS‘ live album became a huge hit in late 1975, the band issued three massively popular albums within 18 months, each packed with hits. The group’s popularity reached it’s apex in June of 1977 when the Love Gun album completed this impressive streak. The album featured numerous key KISS tracks, including Ace Frehley’s first lead vocal performance with “Shock Me” along with “Hooligan” with vocals from drummer Peter Criss, and standout Gene Simmons tracks including “Plaster Caster” and “Christine Sixteen”. ¬†Flamboyant frontman Paul Stanley contributed “I Stole Your Love” and the album’s title track.

“Love Gun” wasn’t a huge pop hit, but has become one of the group’s most beloved hits. The song’s meaning was well described in hilarious fashion in the movie Role Models, as Sean William Scott’s character says that the song is about Stanley’s penis.

Love Gun charted in the top 5, and was another Platinum seller. KISS members all worked on solo albums in 1978 (infamously issued on the same day, with KISS branding – only Ace Frehley’s “New York Groove” was a hit). Love Gun was the last album issued with the group’s original lineup, as 1979′s Disco-tinged¬†Dynasty featured ghost-drummers on most tracks due to Criss’ increasing substance abuse.

KISS’ success waned in the early 1980s, especially after Frehley left in 1982. The band reinvented themselves as a mainstream Heavy Metal group by shedding their trademark makeup, and issuing a series of popular albums between 1984-1993. Though the band was not as popular as their 1970′s peak, they continued to be a popular and well-loved group during this period.