After a single post-Beatles solo album, Paul McCartney formed a new group called Wings in 1971. During the group’s ten year lifespan the membership was shifting, with McCartney, wife Linda (keyboards, vocals), and Denny Lane (guitar, bass, keyboards) being the only constants. The group had a number of hits during the period, though it is unclear how much of a “group” Wings were, vs. Paul McCartney’s backing group. At various times, the group was credited as “Wing” or “Paul McCartney and Wings”.

Famed Beatles producer George Martin was asked to write the musical score for the 1973 James Bond film Live and Let Die. As was the tradition, the producers of the film were looking for a theme song, so Martin called McCartney to see if he was interested. “Live and Let Die” became the biggest Bond hit to date, and to this day often tops lists of the best Bond songs. The song was certainly a highlight among McCartney’s 70s material, much of which was the softest of soft rock. The musical bridge was quite frenetic, and is often accompanied by elaborate effects when McCartney plays live. The song was a #2 hit, and was later covered by Guns n’ Roses in 1991.