English singer Robin Scott scored an unlikely number one hit in the United States with his disco/synthpop song “Pop Muzik.” Billed as “M“, Scott’s song was a bridge between the then-popular Disco fad and the more electronic sounds to following in the 1980s. The catchy song featured layered sounds, semi-spoken word chorus and female backing vocals. The song included nods to urban cities famous for their club scenes, “New York London Paris Munich, everyone talk about Pop Muzik.”  ”Pop Muzik” was a top 5 hit in Scott’s native U.K. and hit number one in the U.S. in November 1979.

Further singles and album sales for Scott and M were not forthcoming and though he continued to record and perform it was largely done in obscurity except for revival releases and concert appearances. In 1997, U2 used a remixed version of the song as the opening music for the Pop Mart Tour. The band walked through the crowd to open the show and Bono would wear robes reminiscent of a boxer’s. They recorded their own version of song for B-side later that year.

“Pop Muzik” on Top of the Pops

U2 Pop Mart Tour