We’ve got to get at least one more soft rock song onto our list before we leave the Seventies behind. The Little River Band were formed in Australia and were one of the most popular groups ever in that country. In the United States, they had several gold or platinum albums during the 1978-1981 period, and six top 10 hits. “Reminiscing” was probably their biggest hit, including a mention in The Other Guys movie. I happen to prefer “Lonesome Loser” which was much more up-tempo and featured some great vocal harmonies.

The group’s popularity declined in the 1980s as their sound did not change with the New Wave times, and their native popularity was eclipsed by newer bands like Men at Work and INXS. The band continues to tour today, though only one member has been in the band more than ten year and even then only dates back to 1980.