Rod Stewart became known to audiences as the lead singer of the Jeff Beck Group in the late 1960s, and later as the singer for The Faces. For the better part of a decade he then balanced work with groups along side issuing solo albums. The singer’s raspy voice and flamboyant stage persona was a hit with audiences, making him one of the more effective frontmen of his era.

Stewart’s solo career got into high gear in 1971 thanks to the number one single “Maggie May.” The beautiful ballad had a more sexual hidden meaning, which kept up his rocker street-cred. During the mid-70s the singer finally left The Faces and concentrated on a solo career that saw numerous hits including “Hot Legs”, “Tonights the Night (Gonna Be Alright)”, and “You’re in my Heart”. As the musical climate changed, so did Stewart. “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?” was a clear adaptation to capitalize on the prevalent Disco sound, with spectacular results. Cowritten by band member drummer Carmine Appice (ex-Vanilla Fudge), the song hit all the right notes both musically and lyrically for the decadent decade. The single catapulted the album Blondes Have More Fun to number one, and cemented Stewart’s image and a lovable lothario. “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?” also went to number one.

Unlike some stars who faded after the disco era, Stewart was able to maintain a long and healthy career. He scored top five hit throughout the 1980s, including “Infatuation”, “Young Turks”, “Passion”, and “Love Touch”. His boxed set Storyteller was one of the best-sellers of 1989, and gave the singer more top 5 hits including “Downtown Train.” During the last decade Stewart has recorded a series of albums of old standards. All of the Great American Songbook albums have been top five hits, and some have gone to number one. Stewart is current on tour with Stevie Nicks.

Another interesting aspect of Stewart’s life is his many marriages. He has been married seven times – six of which were to supermodels such as Britt Ekland and Rachel Hunter. Some guys have all the luck.

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