George Thorogood has been recording blues-oriented bar rock for three decades. Hailing from Delaware, the singer and guitarist, along with his band The Destroyers, had his first released album issued in 1977. This album contained a medley of two songs, “House Rent Boogie”/”One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer” that became very popular. The first is a John Lee Hooker blues-standard, and the second was a song Hooker didn’t write but did make famous. The song plays up the idea of a sad sack escaping reality by having drinks, with “House Rent Boogie” functioning as a sort-of backstory for the tale. During concerns, Thorogood’s charisma as a singer makes for an effective performance especially during the call/response section of the song.

Thorogood’s first album went gold and he was successful with future albums through the late 1980s. In the late Seventies, he recorded covers of Hand Williams’ “Move It On Over” and Bo Diddley’s “Who Do You Love.” His greatest success came in 1982 with his signature original composition, “Bad to the Bone.” This song would later be used extensively in TV and film, and set Thorogood up for a second wave of popularity. Thorogood and his band still record and tour, and are the perfect compliment to any hot and sweaty down-home bar.