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hut.jpg (773 bytes) We were reviewed on one of's newsletters (food, beer, and cocktails). Here's what they said in their December 3, 1999 issue:

The Search Is Over
If this newsletter has had any shortcomings to date, it's that no one has addressed the needs of that often-overlooked section of society, the Polynesian drink lovers. Well, your days of sulking in the shadows of the tiki huts are over! Unfurl those little paper umbrellas joyfully as you point your browser to Kevin Crossman's The Search for the Ultimate Mai Tai page. Appointed in tasteful, equatorial khaki tones with tropical accents, the site is a treasure trove of news, articles, and scads of reviews. You'll read about Crossman's recent journey to the holy land of Oahu, Tiki Fest '99, and the Kahiki Supper Club in Ohio, where you can get one fabu Tai. Now if only someone would start The Search for the Ultimate Spider Bowl page...
Christy Stabin,

hut.jpg (773 bytes) The Go Network Cocktail site gave us a rating of "Good".

hut.jpg (773 bytes) We were reviewed at the Netsurfer Digest on October 16, 1999. Here's what they said:

Sure there are champagne, wine, and single malt scotch connoisseurs, but an epicure of the Mai Tai? The Search
for the Ultimate Mai Tai provides a great service for the good of mankind: it exists solely to help you find the best
Mai Tais around the world. The site contains a history of the famous drink, some book reviews, and a handful of
recipes, but the highlight of the site is its review of Mai Tais around the world, arranged by geographic region,
tasting score, and date. Reviews rate each locale on the taste of its offering as well as the atmosphere, and the
reviews each run several paragraphs long to give the reader a real feel for the opinion.

hut.jpg (773 bytes) We were the TotalNet Site of the Day on September 23, 1999

hut.jpg (773 bytes) The Passenger gave us a glowing review during the week of August 11, 1999. Thanks to Geoff Carter for the positive feedback.

How cool would it be, mon ami, if Punchy - the twain-fisted spokesman for teetotaler's cocktail Hawaiian Punch - fell off the wagon and began extolling the virtues of Trader Vic's more-fruity-than-fruity Mai Tai? Why, they'd almost have to become the national beverage, wouldn't they? I mean, with Punchy patrolling the bars and lounges: "Say, how about a nice Mai Tai?" "Sure!" you say. And Punchy head-butts you anyway, just outta spite... Meanwhile, The Search for the Ultimate Mai Tai continues in earnest, doing the work Punchy (as yet) cannot, seeking out the best versions of the signature rum-based beverage in watering holes from Vegas to Honolulu. Like Punchy, the permanent vacationers behind this site have a firm grasp on what's going down (Halekulani Hotel, Honolulu: "A perfect balance of ingredients and the presentation is classic Trader Vic's") and what should come up (John Murio's Trophy Room, San Francisco: "We hate watery Mai Tais, but in this case the water hid the taste of the low-grade rum used"), and aren't afraid to share their opinions. (The booze helps, of course.) All told, a fun and highly readable site that tastes better than a Hawaiian Punch / knuckle sandwich combo - but don't tell Punchy that the Passenger said that. We have families.

hut.jpg (773 bytes) Excite said our site is "An extraordinarily detailed and cogent analysis of the Mai Tai and its various incarnations across the country."  Thanks to the folks at Excite.

hut.jpg (773 bytes)  Our site was reviewed on the Go Network.  They only rated the site one star, though inclusion on the site is an accomplishment.

hut.jpg (773 bytes)  CoolStuff Award! Check it out...

hut.jpg (773 bytes)  Mai Tais were featured at German Bacardi site during June 1999. Lots of cool animation, and they even mention our site.

hut.jpg (773 bytes)  Our site was mentioned in Rick Carroll's article on "Hawaii Bookmarks" from the February 1999 issue of Hawaii Magazine. He said "One of the coolest new sites I just discovered is The Search for the Ultimate Mai Tai, ( created by Silicon Valley's award winning creator Kevin Crossman. He traces origin and development of the tropical drink and invites fans to nominate their favorite watering hole." Thanks Rick.

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