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History of the Mai Tai
Learn how Trader Vic first created the drink, and how it got its colorful name. Written by noted travel writer and Mai Tai fan Rick Carroll.

Trader Vic's History of the Mai Tai
More about the Mai Tai's origin, plus learn how the Trader Vic's Mai Tai formula has changed over the years..

Famous Dirty Stinker's
Another perspective on the Trader Vic's/Mai Tai lore. Written by Mai Tai fan and contributor David Bartell.

Mixed Results
Searching for the quintessential European Mai Tai. Written by Mai Tai fan and contributor David Bartell.

Tropical Essays

Peter Seely Interview
An entertaining discussion with Trader Vic's grandson. Read about the future of Trader Vic's, places to find great Mai Tais, and stories of Trader Vic himself.

Why Mai Tais?
Why we started the site, and why you should care.

What's in a Mai Tai? See the original recipe, as well as dozens of variants from around the Web.

Mai Tai Media Watch
Listing notable mentions of Mai Tais in the media, the Web, and popular culture. This is our links page.

Site Awards and Reviews
We're arrogant enough to believe this site will garner heaps of praise.

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