Sean P. Marcotte

Sean's Otis Boingo Tattoo

Sean's Elvis Boingo Tattoo

Your Name: Sean P. Marcotte
Age 30
City, State, Country Pacific Beach, CA, USA
How many Boingo tattoos do you have? 2
How many tattoos do you have in total? 10+
Favorite tattoo? My "legal signature" on my chest. Used it to cash a check.
Favorite Boingo song? "Something Isn't Right"
Favorite non-Boingo song? "Bro-Hymn" by Pennywise
Favorite Boingo album? Nothing to Fear
Favorite non-Boingo album? HR by Human Rights
Why did you get your Boingo tattoo(s)? Saw Boingo in 85 with FEAR in a circus tent in Long Beach, CA. Tickets were $5.50 at Guitar Center, and you had to donate a toy to Toys-for-Tots. Crazy punk rock at it's best. They played "Sweat" for the first time live. I was hooked for life!
Do you regret getting your Boingo tattoo(s)? Hell No!

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