Scott Kromling

Scott's Boingo Tattoo

Scott's Boingo Tattoo

Your Name: Scott Kromling
Age 38
City, State, Country Seal Beach, CA, USA
How many Boingo tattoos do you have? 1
How many tattoos do you have in total? 1
Favorite Tattoo? My only one of course, although my girl has the insignia for the Rebel Alliance, which is pretty obscure, too.
Favorite Boingo song? "Lightning"
Favorite non-Boingo song? "Million Dollars" by Barenaked Ladies
Favorite Boingo album? Good For Your Soul
Favorite non-Boingo album? Barometer Soup by Jimmy Buffett
Why did you get your Boingo tattoo(s)? To immortalize my feelings for the band. I first saw them open for this little group no one had heard of called 'The Police' and was hooked ever since. I saw nearly every show I could drive to. I became "Beetlejuice" for 10 Halloween events, and went to all of the Farewell's. The following year, with nothing better to do on Halloween night, I ended up at a parlor in Ventura on Main Street. I took the cassette case from Boingo Alive inside and decided in about ten seconds...
Do you regret getting your Boingo tattoo(s)? Hell No!

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