Joshua Rogers

Joshua's Boingo Tattoo
Note the similarity to Danny Elfman's tattoo
Your Name: Joshua Rogers
Age 28
City, State, Country Ann Arbor, MI
How many Boingo tattoos do you have? 1
How many tattoos do you have in total? 1
Favorite tattoo? Guess!
Favorite Boingo song? "Water" or "On the Outside"
Favorite non-Boingo song? Changes constantly.
Favorite Boingo album? Toss up between Boi-ngo and Boingo
Favorite non-Boingo album? These days - anything by Komeda
Why did you get your Boingo tattoo(s)? For love of the band and music in general; Mine's on my left leg because my right one is usually hidden behind a kick drum.
Do you regret getting your Boingo tattoo(s)? Hell No!

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