Bill Van Rooy

Bill's Boingo Tattoo

Your Name: Bill Van Rooy
Age 23
City, State, Country Los Angeles, CA, USA
How many Boingo tattoos do you have? 1
How many tattoos do you have in total? 14
Favorite tattoo? Multicolored tribal sleeve on my right arm
Favorite Boingo song? "Not My Slave"
Favorite non-Boingo song? Replacements "I Will Dare"
Favorite Boingo album? Boingo
Favorite non-Boingo album? Skinny Puppy - Last Rights
Why did you get your Boingo tattoo(s)? I love tattoos and I love Oingo BOingo. I thought the image from the cover of "Boingo" lent itself really well to tattoo interpretation. Adrian at Body Electric on Melrose deserves credit for the wonderful work he did.
Do you regret getting your Boingo tattoo(s)? Hell No!

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