Becca's Boingo Tattoo

Your Name: Becca
Age 26
City, State, Country The Valley!
How many Boingo tattoos do you have? 2
How many tattoos do you have in total? 2
Favorite tattoo? Well, both of um!!
Favorite Boingo song? "We Close Our Eyes"
Favorite non-Boingo song? crap... i can't think of one right now...
Favorite Boingo album? You're going to make me choose?!?!? EEeeK! i can't... it's like choosing your favorite child...
Favorite non-Boingo album? right now it's Radiohead's OK, Computer... but that can change like my underwear....
Why did you get your Boingo tattoo(s)? It was a need. I new I wanted tat's... and the skull and psycho cat just seemed perfect... I knew I wanted them. They comfirm my special feelings for Boingo.
Do you regret getting your Boingo tattoo(s)? Nope.. not in any way shape or form.... I'd regret them if I had gotten the ones I'd planned in high school. But these... nope, matter a fact- there's a third Boingo tat on its way as soon as I git the money.

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